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1. Apply area concepts and theories in various disciplines of international trade and business to solve business-related problems. Graduates of our department can participate in business life as middle and senior managers in foreign trade companies, multinational companies, banks and insurance companies, retail sector, advertising agencies and logistics companies.

2. Make decisions using appropriate analytical qualitative and quantitative techniques as experts in international trade and business.

3. Analyze how local, regional, and international markets operate, and how social, economic, and cultural issues affect business and international trade decisions.

4. Demonstrate teamwork and leadership skills required in a business and international trade environment.

5. Have research skills to find necessary resources that enable companies to evaluate and solve business and trade related problems.

6. Use information and communication technologies along with computer programs used in trade, business, accounting, marketing and economics.

7. Apply basic concepts and terminology needed to understand and perform basic logistics, international trade and business operations services.

8. Use a foreign language to follow new developments in international trade, business and management area and to communicate colleagues from all around the world.

9. Apply basic concepts and terminology needed to understand and perform international trade, business, basic logistics, and accounting activities.

10. Develop an understanding of the law and the legal environment related to international trade and business operations.

11. Describe the various kinds of international organizational structure, the nature of operations management and quality management, and be able to design effective project plans using project management tools and processes

12. Demonstrate awareness on ethical, economic, social and environmental issues when dealing with business and international trade related problems and produce strategies for promoting creativity and innovation in business and trade practices in international markets.